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Trade Finance

Trade Finance

We have established an intimidating presence in the region based on our existing work, we have made wonderful headway into many other regions. Our increasing affiliates, network and correspondents can be of great advantage  to you.

We have specific designed solutions to fit the needs of different individuals and business interests. This enable us to work with each of our client differently.

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What are the Benefits of Trade Finance?

It is a very method to arrange short-term financing for your goal.

It allows the business to focus more on growth targets and meeting them

The finance is secured typically against the merchandise or is backed by insurance

Many choices that facilitates trade between two parties from different continents/regions

What is Trade Finance?

In essence, the trade finance indicates financing for trade and it involves both international and domestic trade transactions. Any given trade transaction needs a seller and a buyer. The other intermediates such as financial institutions and banks can help in facilitating these particular transactions by financing the deal.

Trade finance permits doing away of payment risk and even supply risk by a third party which their goal. It permits payment to the exporter based on a consensus and also giving the importer credit to complete trade order.

These parties can be involved in trade finance:


Trade finance companies






Service providers


Export credit agencies