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Business Banking

Business Banking

Why Choose Business Banking Services?

Selecting a bank for your business is much more than just opening an account at your local bank or picking the bank branch nearest to your company. You must identify which services suit the unique needs and requirements of your business and how much they cost. The ideal situation for you is where your banker takes ownership of all your problems and finds the optimal solution so that you can go back to running your business.

Simplify your business banking with Prominence Bank and help your company grow to new heights. We help you take advantage of business opportunities that no one else is willing to finance during this economic downturn. At Prominence Bank, we strongly believe in offering innovative solutions, quality service, accessibility and convenience to our customers with our easy business financing options including long-term and short-term loans, business funds, business credit line, business credit cards and business checking accounts.

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Benefits of Prominence Bank’s Business Banking Services

We work with a wide spectrum of business customers, forward-looking start-ups and challenger brands in different industries which need business loans to start their new venture or keep their small business rolling. Our reliable, flexible and easy financing options help your business procure inventory and materials, refinance debt, acquire property or assets or simply finance your accounts receivable so that you are never short of cash in hand.

Our business banking services and financing options are suitable and helpful for your business’ short, medium and long-term borrowing needs. As your partner, Prominence Bank is committed to optimize the lifeline of your business so that even during an economic slowdown, you do not have to worry about business funding. Prominence Bank facilitates you with the right combination of banking solutions and services that will help you finance, manage and grow your business.