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Exciting news! Our exclusive Key Tested Telex Transfer (KTT)

Service is now available to all our esteemed account holders with a 100% guarantee that KTT can be enabled upon request. Unlock a world of seamless transactions with just a simple request to enable KTT transfers on your account, typically processed within 24 hours, and at no extra cost to you!

Why Choose Prominence Bank.

Here's what you can expect from our KTT service

Enjoy the convenience of opening a bank account with a minimal non-refundable fee of €25,000. Kindly note that the bank account opening fee can only be paid via Swift, SEPA wire transfers, or Cryptocurrency (USDT).

The Bank account opening fee cannot be paid through KTT.

At our bank, we offer comprehensive support for all types of KTT transactions, including cash transfers, bank instruments, and direct bank-to-bank communication, accommodating the diverse requirements of our clients and ensuring a seamless and flexible experience.

We are pleased to inform you that our service is available worldwide with no country restrictions. You can confidently engage in transactions through KTT Telex with a minimum tranche size of 10 million and a maximum of 500 million per tranche. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the number of tranches you can initiate on a daily basis.

At our bank, we prioritize transparent pricing to benefit our clients. Receiving any type of KTT incurs a 1.5% charge, while outgoing wire transfers carry a 1% fee along with Swift/SEPA costs. You won’t encounter any upfront fees with us – your account will only be charged once we have provided a service for you.

But that's not all! When you choose to open

an offshore bank account with us, you unlock a myriad of perks

  • Personal or Corporate account options tailored to your need
  • Accessible internet banking for effortless management.
  • Seamlessly receive funds through KTT Telex and send them out via wire transfer using IBAN or Swift.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of our Multi-Currency Flex service, accommodating ALL currencies.
  • Maintain total control and security over your account, with confidential information and data protection.
  • Experience the convenience of online account opening, with no personal visit required
  • Benefit from powerful Tax Havens Secrecy for Banking and enjoy all-day internet banking accessibility from any device.

Ready to embark on your banking journey?

Opening an account is a breeze with our streamlined process:


Download the Personal or Business Bank Account Application form from our provided links.


Complete the application and email it to account@prominencebank.com

Upon approval

Upon approval, receive an invoice with banking details for the account opening fee.

Remit payment

Remit payment, and voila! Your bank account will be open within 72 banking hours