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Our Services

Trade Finance

Trading in a global market is a challenge. Our trade finance solutions overcome cashflow issues and empower clients to maximize the potential of any opportunity, manage currency volatility and stabilize stock provision for your business. Fast, flexible funding for both purchasers and providers of collateralized LC, SBLC, BG, POF, and BCL for insured, recorded trades.

Structured Finance

Offering comprehensive structured finance solutions for any complex financial arrangement for international and multinational clients who seek a bespoke arrangement that reaches beyond traditional finance capabilities. Whether CDOs, synthetic instruments, CBOs or syndicated loans, or a bespoke combination to suit specific requirements, we offer fast, effective solution for every situation. Whatever the issue, we develop an appropriate solution.

Safe Keeping Receipt

An SKR is another bank instrument with full bank responsibility that is utilized as an option financing apparatus and this instrument can be SWIFT MT542 to any bank in the world.

Bank Endorsement

Prominence Bank we offer full bank endorsement for your negotiable instrument, projects & agreements, providing valuable assurance to counterparties and empowering negotiations. With a reputation for excellence and integrity, our endorsement helps facilitate international trade, providing balance and assurance to any counterparty and enabling transactions across borders to be seamless and effective. Whether Banker acceptance or time draft, our endorsement service is a complete solution for trade.

Institutional Sales

Providing the support structure and platform that enables cross border sales of a broad range of tailored investment products to institutional investors seeking new opportunities. Our institutional sales solutions cover a comprehensive range of financial products and deliver the professional, discreet and efficient service clients need and deserve.

Corporate Finance

We guide clients through the arrangement and execution of a broad range of financial instruments. This includes syndications, private placements, preferred share models, private equity funding and more. Our tailored approach ensures that our team meets individual demands, providing a bespoke solution that allows clients to achieve their objectives quickly.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist with all aspects of the mergers and acquisitions process, including valuations, bid assessment and tendering. We can act as liaison with stakeholders to negotiate smooth takeover. Our highly experienced team are able to represent clients as sellers or purchasers, offering comprehensive insight and support at every stage of the process.

Private Banking

Asset Management, international structuring service, and family office service for high net-worth individuals in cooperation with esteemed partners. This allows us to deliver the personalized, full-service financial service for clients, offering more than banking or financial advice, but a complete management solution for you and your family.

Retail Banking

We provide the full range of retail banking products, all offered with exceptional customer service and ease of use. These include a variety of accounts for any situation, savings books, money transfers both internal and cross border, along with the provision of safety deposit boxes and other secure handling facilities as required.

Bank Instruments

The Prominence Bank provides many different choices of financial instruments to our clients for both purchasers and providers interested in Trading in a global market or just as credit enhancement. We provide financial instruments used most often in the industry such as Letter of Credit (LC), Documentary Letter of Credit (DCL), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantee (BG), Bank Draft, Key Tested Telex (KTT – TELEX) Proof of Funds (POF) and Bank Confirmation Letters (BCL).

Corporate Banking

Enable your company to transact and trade anywhere in the world, manage business risk and finance plans for expansion and growth with our seamless corporate banking services.

Business Banking

Simplify your business banking with Prominence Bank and help your company grow to new heights. We help you take advantage of business opportunities that no one else is willing to finance during this economic downturn.

Investment Banking

Prominent Bank manages one of the leading Investment Banking services in the country. Our aim is to become the asset manager of choice for our clients.

Cryptocurrency Bank Account

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD and EURO but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography.

Open An Account

We have a Tax Free Bank Account available for you!

Business & Financial Consult

Financial consultants work with companies or individuals to plan for their financial futures by offering information and guidance on topics that include taxes, investments, and insurance decisions. Often called financial advisors, these consultants work closely with clients to offer personalized financial advice.



Analyze The Opportunities

Manage all opportunities and define tactics for each opportunity, identify key decision makers, track competitors, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Generate sales forecasts taking into account client’s budget, opportunity stage and sales probability.