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Numbered Bank Account

Numbered Bank Account Opening Fees: €50,000

Anonymous Numbered Bank Account

Numbered bank accounts these are bank accounts that are owned by some clients in which their identity is replaced by a number that has multiple digits and this number is known only by a few restricted number of bank employees and the owner of the account.

This type of account is one of the few numbered account available. Once you perform a transaction on this account, instead of the name popping up for the transaction, it’s the number that appears. Which is unlike the standard bank account. 

This account is only used for wire transfer. More so, since the international regulations says that whenever an international wire transfer is made, the account number, client’s name and even the address should follow, therefore the transfer would be received under the name of our bank client trust account as the sender at the beneficiary side.

Who Can Open A Numbered Bank Account?

Though the bank has the right to reject any customer, but any customer at Prominence Bank can open a numbered account.

Opening Fees for Numbered Bank Account & Requirements:

  1. Opening Fees for this Account is: €50,000 for any Numbered Bank Account
  2. Minimum Opening Deposit: €500,000 is the minimum
  3. Monthly Fees: €100

What are the Characteristics of This Account?

  • A Real Numbered Bank Account is Issued
  • There is Total security and also the information and data are confidential
  • Access to A non-traceable Bank Account
  • Your Financial Assets in Litigious Divorces are protected
  • Non-traceable Bank Transfer are made
  • Your Financial Assets is protected Against Lawsuits
  • Access to very powerful Tax Havens Banking Secrecy!
  • For personal opening of accounts, some passport notarizations are needed
  • For a company, only incorporation details, documents and passport notarizations for opening business accounts
  • References are not needed
  • Bank references are not needed also
  • Personal visit also not necessary
  • There is no tax attached
  • It’s easy to operate after setting the account simply
  • Deposit for account opening is very minimal
  • Reporting requirement is not necessary
  • There is 24 hours’ access to internet Banking from either your mobile phone of your computer online
  • Your account can be fully operated through the internet
  • Background check is not necessary
  • Guaranteed approval!

What is the Time For Estimated Completion?

Once the opening fee for the account is paid, it takes 7 days for the bank account to be opened

What are the Procedures in Opening a Numbered Account with Prominence Bank?


Fill in the application form for the account accurately and completely


After which the application form should be sent to: account@prominencebank.com via a mail


After the form has be sent, the customer has to send the opening fees for bank account


Once the deposit is confirmed, the bank account would be opened within 7 banking days

Need a Numbered Bank Account?

Apply for a Personal Numbered Account here!


Apply for a Business Numbered Account here!


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