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Structured Finance

Structured Finance

Our structured finance is designed in particular to meet the pressing capital needs that is not covered typically by conventional lending.

When you work with Prominence Bank, we offer you a range of ideas as well as solutions to meet your corporate needs. Our wide experience in structuring sophisticated products and dealing with parties enables us to deliver you best of both worlds.

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Our global experience as well as local market knowledge can help you manage your cash flow and mitigate risks just the same. With our full range of financial services at your disposal, we process each application quickly.

Consumers make great use of our specialized services that supports a variety of structures, from the simplest ones to extremely complex ones. These can include mortgage-backed securities, conduits, asset-backed commercial paper as well as collateralized loan obligations.

What are the Benefits of Structured Finance?

It allows the enterprises to transfer the risk

It allows the businesses to raise the asset liquidity by the placement of different types of securities having different risk profiles

The schemes can suit and target different investors, keeping their risk factor in consideration

The schemes can suit and target different investors, keeping their risk factor in consideration

It is a financial aid and cannot be transferred between different debts in a way standard loan is often transferred.

What is Structured Finance?

Primarily, structured finance is a subset of finance, which deals with financial law and manages risk and leverage. The strategies may require corporate and legal restructuring, usage of financial instruments and off balance sheet accounting.


Listed below are the different types of structured finance instruments available:

Asset-based securities


Mortgage-based securities


Insurance linked securities


Credit derivatives


Collateralize debt obligations


Revolving credit


Loan sell-offs


Partial guaranteed structures


Future flow transactions