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Prominent Bank administers one of the leading Investment Banking services in the country. Our aim is to, professionally and satisfactorily manage the assets of our clients. We have a performance history of tenable and steady investment banking in the dominant sectors of the economy and we own a reputation for ethical and professional assets and funds management services.

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Determining Your Investment Profile

We offer staunch and skillful investment banking services, not only to small individual investors but also governmental and corporate capitalists and shareholders which includes individuals vying to invest in equity funds for rapid growth and competitive bring backs, or money market funds regulated towards higher smooth investments for a limited build-up of excess money. Prominence Bank is neither a financier nor does it approach the ready-made banking institutions. You can assume your own investments with our specialized and value-adding services which includes a broad range of investment programs, capital conservation solutions, retirement solutions and income funds. Our full investment solutions, deliberation, dialogue and advisory services cater to all your investment, portfolio structuring, assets and funds management needs.

Online Services and Mobile Application

With Prominent Bank’s investment, asset and funds management services, there is guaranteed access to your investment account constantly through our web portal and mobile application. Our service includes making e-transactions in your account, auditing the costs of your investments, viewing your profile details as well as viewing your account statements in whatever place and at whatever time you want to.