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Corporate Banking


What is Value-Added Corporate Banking?

Discover your business goal with Prominence Bank’s corporate banking solutions. Our vision is to exceed the highest standards and professional requirements and promote the general bar in the highest quality product and service delivery. Effecting on our international skill and years of experience in collective banking, we attempt to achieve all the needs of our worldwide clients with our first-class products, individualized banking and outstanding services.

What are the Gains of Prominence Bank’s International Banking Services?

Let your company conduct business and trade anywhere in the world, wield business risk and finance plans for enlargement and development with our consistent international banking services. We provide cash management solution, international trade solutions, business financing, foreign exchange transactions and digital banking services to our international customers. Starting from efficient synchronization of payments to effective treasury management, from facilitating your business activities to meeting your daily business expenses, we assist you with all you need from the beginning to the end so as to perform your business activities without fear.

We provide to top-level private sector corporations, international transnational and multinational bodies both government and public sector companies. Our international banking coverage team is committed to comprehending and satisfies the particular financial requirements of our international clients and provides them standard, individualized banking services directed to their particular business needs.

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What is Innovative International Banking Solutions?

Our experienced and intelligent international banking experts are inspired as well as trained to monitoring of the detail and speedily transforming service prerequisites of great companies and businesses. The goal of our recent action as well as cost-effective solutions is to satisfy their different needs on day-day basis. Our modified international banking solution are periodic loans, working capital loans, portfolio management, trade finance services as well as structured trade financing means for international customers as well as institutional clients. Our most important goal is to ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients by long-term and common helpful relationships that will assist ignite your business enlargement in actual time.