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Private Banking

Private Banking

Prominence Bank helps the high net worth individuals as well as their families to prosper, manage and preserve their wealth.

Prominence Bank is deeply pleased to offer its private banking services to high net worth individuals who maintain a minimum account balance of €50,000 or more on their bank account. We hope to have your business and personal needs met round the clock.

We provide a complete variety of private banking services to help you grow, manage and protect your wealth.

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Benefits of Private Banking with Prominence Bank

  • The greatest advantage is a dedicated bank officer, who are well aware of your financial standing. Private banking makes it easier to carry out wire transfers, deposit checks in to your bank account, order bank draft and much more.
  • Customers are connected quickly to the rest of the professionals in the field. Be it estate advisor, trust fund manager or a tax attorney, meetings can be set up very easily.
  • Attention is individualized. The banking staff could become a personal assistant of sorts to guide you through.
  • You can explore the opportunities of various. This can include unlimited financial consultation through your dedicated bank officer for all your banking and financial needs, among others. Many other rewards of private banking come with preferential treatment

What is Private Banking?

As an industry standard, private banking is a separate package provided to high net worth individuals (HNWIs). These financial management services are available for high profile individuals with assets over €50,000 mark. Private banking is reserved for customers with remarkable cash and substantial assets.

Private banking also provides investment advice and deals with financial situation of a client separately. It helps the clients to maintain and grow their assets. Bank officer are assigned to work with clients and provide them financing solutions.

Interestingly, the private bank is a unit of wealth management because it focuses on consumers on a personal level when put side by side with retail banking. For more enquiries, don’t hesitate to dial our department for Retail Banking at +44-20-8895-6493 or meet us at our closest office to You.